Why choose artificial grass?

Ever get bored of mowing the lawn on the weekend? Fed up of your boring patio or your patchy lawn? As well as being an eco-friendly option, artificial grass has greatly advanced in the past few years meaning the products offered are now more realistic and impressive than ever before. In the UK  and many countries around the world, the demand for artificial grass is rapidly increasing as it is proving to be ideal for people who lead busy lifestyles, who physically cannot maintain a lawn or people who simply want to enjoy a perfect lawn without the hassles, expenses and mess of traditional lawns. It’s just like real grass, only better!

How does water/rain drain through the artificial grass?

Our artificial grass comes with a pre-punched latex backing which allows for drainage. We install this onto a sub-base of Type 1 hardcore and sharp sand/granite dust in order to create a firm and permeable base ready for installation. The water/rain drains straight through!

I have dogs- is artificial grass suitable?

Absoloutely. Artificial grass is ideal for pets and dogs. It can be easily cleaned and hosed down if needed. We recommend a mild disinfectant or hose down every so often if there has been dry spells.

Is it expensive and how long does it last?

Compared to real grass yes but to something such as a patio installation, no. Our artificial grass is guaranteed for 8 years and can last up to 15-20 years! It eliminates mowing, watering, fertilisers and regular lawn replacement/maintenance so can save in the long run! The average installation ranges from £40-£60/m2 fitted including all labour, materials and VAT. This will depend on groundwork required, product chosen and size of the area. Contact us for an accurate quotation.

Does it fade in the sun?

Our artificial grass is UV protected against fading and is covered with a manufacturers guarantee of 8 years.

What does your service include?

We offer services from supply only to full project management. For this our price will include hiring and organising a skip if required, removal of existing turf/patio, preparation of sub-base, weed barrier membrane and artificial grass installation. The price we agree is the price you will pay! No hidden extras.

How long will it take to install?

The average installation can be completed within 1-2 days. Larger installations from 3-7 days. We will let you know an exact timescale when quoting.

Do you need to mow it?

No. Artificial grass is virtually maintenance free. It requires no mowing, no watering and no regular maintenance. It can be brushed up using a stiff broom if needed to keep the pile looking at its best however sunlight usually lifts the pile naturally.