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artificial grass for play area

Can you use Artificial Grass for Play Areas?

If you’ve got children, you’re probably wondering if you can use Artificial grass for play areas?

Artificial grass from Ecograss is one of the safest options for underfoot play. Despite the amount of crawling and running it’ll endure, the artificial grass stays pristine. Many schools and playing fields now have artificial grass installed.

Kicking around footballs and playing tag on the playground, our artificial grass will keep your children happy and safe all day long.

Play Equipment

Have you got a new swing set you want to add to the children’s play area? Artificial grass is extremely durable and can withstand the weight of any climbing frame or swing set, and don’t worry they won’t sink into the artificial lawn.

Rainy conditions

Where there’s rain and natural lawn, there’s mud. This can now be a thing of the past, no more muddy clothing for the children to take home for washing. No more muddy footprints leading into the house. With our absorbent artificial grass that comes with plenty of drainage holes. You won’t need to worry about your children having outdoor fun.

Schools, nurseries, and community parks

If you’re looking to purchase artificial grass for play areas, local schools, or nurseries, you’ve come to the right place. If you still want the natural look of a lawn but without the mud. And without the potential of injuries on hard surfaces, artificial grass should be your go-to option for the playground, or park play area.

Artificial grass is the future of play!

Ecograss is the UKs leading artificial grass company so now you should now if you should use artificial grass for play area.

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