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Indoor Artificial Grass Installation (for illustrative purposes only)

Artificial Grass Indoors?

You can have artificial grass indoors – how different would that be?

No, it’s not a typo and neither have we spent too much time in the sun!

Your office, play area, school library reading area or even your home orangery/conservatory covered in our top-quality turf (artificial turf, that is) would certainly be a bit of a conversation starter – or conversation stopper, even!

Why install fake grass indoors?

You could enjoy the feel of the outdoors whatever the weather outside, mixed with a combination of both real indoor plants and fake ones, the only limit would be your imagination, and we love a challenge!

Relax in a ‘garden’ that needs very little maintenance, is always heated to your preferred temperature, and you won’t have to dodge the showers!

And, in most cases, installing our faux turf indoors is less complicated than one of the standard outdoor installations that Ecograss would undertake normally. This is because most indoor floors are level and will most likely only require

  • clearing debris and making sure that the installation area is clean
  • installing the shock pad (if required) to create a safer, softer experience. This would be advisable in the case of a play area or library reading area
  • we would then lay your choice (we can help you choose a suitable product) of  faux grass, making sure that it’s a perfect fit
  • lastly, we would inspect edges and joins, making sure that they were secure and able to withstand the rigours of the use expected of them.

Which artificial turf should I lay indoors?

Which type of artificial turf you lay in your indoor space depends on where/what the indoor space is, physical limitations (like doors, and passages), and what you intend to use that area for.

Shorter fibre lengths will almost certainly require an underlay (especially if it’s where children might play, sit to read or users might be vulnerable to falls) and this might be impracticable if doors need to be opened and closed.

In this scenario, we’d probably recommend a  grass substitute with longer fibres. Pinterest and Flickr are great sources of inspiration if you need it.¹

Get Help & Samples

We’re happy to offer advice and, don’t forget, we’re happy to provide samples and a free quotation (you can fill in the details, and measurements and send photos online if you’d like or we can come and visit you) so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and why.

Choose your ideal grass, get your FREE quotation and leave the rest to us.

You’ll soon have a space that you can use for the purpose you intended that will last, keep its good looks and, of course, leave people marvelling at your quirky but ingenious way to incorporate a lawned area indoors.

Modern artificial grass products are so realistic, they might need a second glance before they realise it’s not natural.

Remember that we have been laying high-quality artificial lawns since 2009 and we’re a family-run firm that cares. Our reviews from customers all across the East Midlands. West Midlands, Warwickshire and Staffordshire speak for themselves.

So, indoors or out, come to the artificial grass experts at Ecograss.

¹Ecograss is not responsible for the content of any external link

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