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Artificial Grass Sutton Coldfield

Looking for an Artificial Grass Installer in Sutton Coldfield?

Looking for an Artificial Grass Installer in Sutton Coldfield?

If you are looking for an artificial grass installer in Sutton ColdfieldEcograss can help. We are the number one supplier of artificial lawns in the Sutton Coldfield area.

We are competitively priced as we buy our artificial grass directly from the manufacturer. This enables us to pass savings on to our customers and provide second-to-none service.

Suppose you have a lawn that repeatedly gets muddy in wet weather or suffers from scorching in sunny weather. In that case, an artificial lawn is an ideal solution. We know from some of our customers in the Sutton Coldfield area that localised flooding is a common problem. If you’ve spent time and effort tending to your garden and lawn, it is devastating when the weather causes problems. Sutton Coldfield is ideally placed for fabulous weather in summer but flooding in spring (which is becoming more and more common). As a result, the quality of your lawn can quickly deteriorate. An artificial lawn is a great solution. The integrated drainage system will also help maintain the rest of your garden and plants. With Ecograss, your garden can look fantastic with minimal effort!

Ecograss is a family-run company. We have been operating in the Sutton Coldfield area for many years with loyal customers. Take a look at the images below, which demonstrate a garden transformation we recently provided to one of our valued Sutton Coldfield customers.

This customer continually struggled in summer due to scorched grass, often following localised flooding in spring. When they contacted us, they sent us the picture (below).

Before the installation of artificial grass in Sutton Coldfield

They asked us to work our magic, and we obliged!

The Results…

The team of lawn installation experts here at Ecograss sprang into action and contacted the customer to arrange a visit and take measurements. Our expert installation team knew this simple job made life easier for the customer when completed. We began work immediately!

Within days, the specialist artificial lawn installation team provided a makeover, making this customer very happy! Take a look at the results:

Artificial Grass Installation in Sutton Coldfield

Thanks to this and many other artificial grass installation projects in Sutton Coldfield, Ecograss is working hard to establish itself as the number one supplier of artificial lawns. We also provide artificial lawn installations in BromleyAlrewasBrewoodBroctonCreweDerbyNantwich and Wolverhampton.

Get in touch with EcoGrass today to see how easy it is to get your artificial lawn installed and ready for summer. You can request a sample of our artificial lawn and get a free quote when you send us your measurements and pictures. For every artificial lawn installation, we have a tree planted to offset our carbon footprint (carbon offsetting). See how we can bring your artificial garden to life – Get in touch today! 

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