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All Weather Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass is a Winner – Whatever the Weather!

Artificial Grass is a Winner – Whatever the Weather!

Artificial grass is a hardy beast, but you may have concerns about the changeable and unpredictable nature of the weather here in the UK.

It might surprise you to learn that an artificial lawn is generally much easier to manage regardless of the weather conditions or temperature. Artificial grass is hay fever friendly in the summer months and UV stabilised. In contrast, an artificial lawn will tolerate far more extreme weather conditions than the natural alternative when the inevitable cold weather and storms arrive.

Artificial grass is an all-around winner! 

Whether the weather is wet or dry, Ecograss will help! We will alleviate the worst of your weather worries. 

If My Garden is Susceptible to Flooding, Will an Artificial Lawn Help?

On average, one square meter of an artificial lawn will drain around 50 litres of water per minute. Even in the UK’s heaviest rain – this is more than substantial. Your location will determine the options available, and we will go through everything with you during the planning and installation phases.

Rainwater simply syphons away when we install an artificial lawn. All Ecograss artificial lawns are installed with drainage in mind with a sub-layer of porous sand/limestone or both. We fit artificial grass by first levelling the base and we also remove any debris. This results in a sustainable and beautiful artificial lawn that lasts for years to come. A more extensive drainage system may be required in more extreme circumstances, but these situations are uncommon. We will always ensure the best outcome with minimum fuss and outlay.

How Will My Artificial Lawn Fair in Snow and Icy Conditions?

If your artificial lawn becomes frozen, like any grass or surface, it may become slippery so take care! Remove as much snow as you can with a plastic shovel if necessary.

Snow and ice can often compact artificial grass, appearing a bit flattened after the snow has melted. No need to worry, though; it bounces back and you can help it along by brushing with a firm bristled sweeping brush.

Does Artificial Grass Melt in Extreme Hot Weather?

Sunny weather conditions cause artificial grass to get hot. Now, UV inhibitors are added, unlike previous generations of synthetic materials used in artificial lawns. This prevents fading and premature wear.

Plan your lawn/garden, taking into consideration areas of natural shade. In hot weather conditions, cool artificial grass with water. 

Other direct heat sources can be a problem, too (including BBQs and cigarettes). There are protection products you can apply, and if accidents happen, replace the affected section.

Send us your garden measurements and (photos if you have them) to get a free quote. We can also send you a sample of an artificial lawn upon request.

For every artificial lawn installation by Ecograss, we ‘plant a tree’ helping us to offset our carbon footprint. 

See how we can bring your artificial garden to life, start by getting in touch today!

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