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Artificial grass Vs real grass

Which one suits you better?

Artificial grass Vs real grass

Artificial grass Vs real grass well what’s the difference?

To understand the difference between the two, we have to understand what both are. Artificial grass is made to look and feel like green grass all year round is made up of polypropylene or nylon (polyamide) it’s durable and can be cleaned easily. On the other hand, the grass is a plant that grows naturally all around the world with a couple of exceptions.

Benefits of having real grass vs artificial grass

The benefits of having real grass include:

  • more photosynthesis
  • improve flood control
  • provide wildlife habitat
  • creates a cooling effect during warm weather
  • helps breakdown organic chemicals

Benefits of having artificial grass Vs real grass

  • easy to clean
  • low-maintenance
  • can survive harsh weather environments
  • green all year round
  • no harmful chemicals
  • feel and looks like grass
  • can be made to measure and fit your preferences

Overall (#artificial wins)

While both artificial and normal grass has its benefits, grass can be a pain to maintain with its constant thirst and need for mowing to look nice not to mention how it can die and decolour if it gets no sunlight, grass can also get torn up during use. With a thing like artificial grass, you never have to worry about any of that with its durability and its freshness all year round there is no extra maintenance needed to make your garden look wonderful.

Why choose Ecograss?

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