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29 Jun

5 Unique Ways To Use Artificial Grass In Your Residence

You might have seen the artificial grass in a sports stadium, balconies, and various other places. People are preferring artificial turf over the real one as it has created a revolution in the interior design sector. It inculcates a different beauty into your home without the tension of any special kind of maintenance. This artificial grass creates manicured lawns that are lush green, and have grass of uniform length. This grass gives a perfect look to the home. The topmost reason that many people opt for this artificial grass is that it looks the same as real grass. This grass gives a refreshing look to the area. If you looking for the unique ways to use artificial grass in your residence, let’s have a look : Balcony – The balcony is the most obvious space when someone talks about placing artificial grass in a suitable area of the home because almost everyone adores the green view of the balcony. This turf requires minimum maintenance and your ordinary-looking balcony will turn into a great place for every member of your family. The Deck- For your large deck area in your home, divide them beautifully into zones with the help of artificial grass, which will not only magnify the attractiveness but will also create something unique in terms of creativity. Your common seating place is when decorated with artificial grass, it gets separated from the rest of the area. Foyer- This may sound unusual but can be a popular choice for placing artificial turf popular choice for placing artificial turf for enhancing the beauty of your home. This innovative idea can involve moving away from the floor and this idea for your wall which means playing around with patterns if an entire wall seems like a lot to pull off. This whole…

13 Jun

Artificial grass in cost-efficient

Artificial grass flooring is a great solution for people who want to bring more green into their homes without spending too much money. For example, some company offers a whole range of synthetic grass that is both affordable and of good quality with various models. You can easily install a lawn that looks like a real one at home, with short grass, freshly cut, or with longer stems for a more beautiful effect. No need to invest in different products such as fertilizers, weeds, or insecticides to take care of your artificial grass. The artificial lawn also saves large amounts of water since it doesn’t require to be watered.  The last element that allows you to lighten your wallet is that artificial lawns are resistant. and reusable. it is like a coating that lasts over time, which makes it an ecological solution. A practical and adaptable solution  Purchased in the form of rolls, the artificial lawn does not require special equipment or skills in gardening to be installed. Its installation can be done in a jiffy by the following steps: Measure the available space to know how many rolls you will need and how wide. Prepare the surface to be coated. It must be flat, clean, and dry. Place the artificial grass rolls on the surface. Unroll them all in the same direction. If the surface to be covered is small, you can simply place weights (pots, furniture, etc.) at the ends of the strips to keep them in place. otherwise, it is advisable to join them using adhesive tape specially designed for outdoor use. An all-terrain lawn Synthetic grass adapts to all types of environments. It can be installed in a garden and also on a terrace, whether large or small. It is ideal for fitting out an apartment…

03 Jun

How To Choose Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is cost-effective, time-saving, and water-saving solution… However, because there are so many items to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is the best. You need not be concerned. We’ll show you things to think about while you’re out shopping.  Also, keep in mind that you may always contact a product specialist for assistance. Our recommendation is to purchase the highest quality grass you can afford and to always conduct your research on providers to ensure that you are receiving the greatest value for your money. All of your queries about artificial grass will be answered in this helpful guide. Let’s get this party started, shall we? Pile Height Choosing a pile height is usually a question of personal preference. Anything between 25-30mm is an excellent choice for individuals who appreciate the look of freshly cut grass. We recommend something between 30-38mm for a natural-looking lawn.  If the fibers are any longer, they will lie flat under their own weight rather than standing straight. Shorter heaps are debated as to whether they are more durable. In our testing, we discovered that shorter pile heights outperform longer pile heights in the long run for grasses made of polypropylene or polyethylene.  Color Choice color, like pile height, is simply a matter of personal preference. There is no such thing as right and wrong.  When it comes to fake grass, you’ll notice a wide spectrum of colors, which is due to the many different hues f green present in actual grass. Many manufacturers provide free samples, which you should take advantage of before making a purchasing decision because you can’t rely on internet images to get a genuine indication of the color of your chosen artificial grass.  When selecting colors, keep in mind that the samples should be placed where…

01 Jun

Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

So, you’d want a lush green lawn? It’s possible that the greenest yard you’ve ever had is an artificial one. This isn’t your grandfather’s Astroturf: today’s “synthetic” grass has gone a long way. Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescue are examples of luxuriant natural grasses that can be replicated. Is installing artificial grass ideal for you, even though it’s a viable and growingly popular landscaping option? Here are some grass statistics to assist you to choose if it’s right for your land. It’s Tough Small children enjoy running, leaping, and digging in the dirt, which is all well and well until the lawn becomes ragged and patchy. Pet feces is poisonous to most grass kinds, thus damage to those with dogs can be significantly worse. Consider synthetic grass instead of sod if you’re having trouble growing a lawn in such harsh conditions: Sod and artificial turf both look lovely but artificial grass will always appear lush and give a smooth and velvety surface for tiny toes for a perfect lawn without any worries. Has A Luxurious Experience Artificial grass can give your own lawn a more luxurious appearance. Artificial turf adds a touch of luxury to yards, landscapes, pool areas, terraces, and balconies thanks to its increased density, 30mm pile height, and exceptional quality.  It offers walking comfort and a natural grass appearance, as well as color durability and ease of care. All unfavorable weather conditions are resistant to the backing with perforations, which are designed for natural water drainage.  More Durable Than Natural Grass Synthetic turf is built to withstand intense use, including everyday roughhousing sports, for more than 15 years. It’s almost maintenance-free requiring simply a hose rinse every now and then. Mowing, weeding, seeding, watering, and other time-consuming lawn maintenance duties become a thing of the past, allowing…

Spring Garden Tips
23 Mar

Spring Garden Tips – Top 10 Spring Garden Ideas

1. Your Lawn Let’s start with your lawn (of course)! If you already have an artificial lawn, give it a good clean with soapy water, a firm bristled brush and then rinse with a hosepipe. If you have a natural lawn, give it a mow (if needed) and trim the edges. You should also think about putting lawn feed down for any patchy areas. If you have lots of patchy areas, now might be the time to consider getting a free quotation for an artificial lawn. 2. Spring Cleaning Clean out and wash your greenhouse. Think of it in the same way that you would a general spring clean inside your home. Clean up flower beds ready for planting and remove and replace any protective mulch ready for your spring daffodils, snowdrops and other perennials. 3. Furniture & Ornaments Bring out your garden furniture and any ornaments and give them a clean too. Also consider waterproof coverings for furniture. We all know how unpredictable the British weather is! 4. Pruning Prune trees and shrubs. This helps younger plants to establish a good shape. Remove damaged or diseased wood, as well as any branches that cross each other and chaff. This also concentrates the plant’s energy and the invigorating boost of sunlight that comes with the spring season in the right areas. 5. Spring Garden Tips for Planting Plant nectar rich plants for bees and butterflies. Watching them busy at work pollinating the garden is a thrilling site. Of course, they are also critical in enabling plants to reproduce and critical to the entire environmental infrastructure. 6. Water Collection It’s a great idea to install water buts to collect rain water. This way, you are effectively recycling water, saving the environment and your water bill at the same time! 7. Spring…

Low Maintenance Lawn
23 Mar

Looking for a Low Maintenance Lawn? Ecograss Has the Solution

With busy lifestyles now the norm, a low maintenance lawn could be the perfect answer. Artificial grass is low maintenance, but it still gives you a relaxing space to entertain friends/family and enjoy your downtime. What About the Weather? With British weather so unpredictable, a perfect looking natural lawn is hard to achieve and takes time and effort. Spring showers and summer sunshine make a natural lawn muddy in some areas, often with dark brown patches and a propensity for weeds. If this is what you are looking for then this is fine! But f you are looking for a low maintenance lawn that looks great all year round, get in touch with Ecograss today for a free, no obligation quotation. Artificial Grass Maintenance Ecograss artificial lawns are environmentally friendly and perfect for pets. No mowing, watering, feeding, weeding or re-turfing is required. An artificial lawn has excellent drainage and is durable throughout the seasons. Even in the coldest winter, artificial grass remains a beautiful shade of green – complimenting all of your autumnal garden colours and winter flowering plants. Wildlife Care It is also worth considering that not everybody wants the wildlife associated with a natural lawn (at least not the creepy crawly kind that normally lurk in natural grass!). An artificial lawn is completely safe for animals and insects – in fact, it is more environmentally friendly due to the lack of chemicals used/required (lawn feed, slug pellets etc.). You can also attract more wildlife to your garden by installing a bird feeder or two, to help birds through the winter months as well as attract many different species. Other Low Maintenance Lawn & Garden Ideas A few other ideas to help you to maintain a beautiful, low maintenance garden all year round include: swapping hedges for fences;…

Artificial Grass Sutton Coldfield
25 Feb

Looking for an Artificial Grass Installer in Sutton Coldfield?

Looking for an Artificial Grass Installer in Sutton Coldfield? If you are looking for an artificial grass installer in Sutton Coldfield, Ecograss can help. We are the number one supplier of artificial lawns in the Sutton Coldfield area. We are competitively priced as we buy our artificial grass directly from the manufacturer. This enables us to pass savings on to our customers and provide a second to none service. Suppose you have a lawn that repeatedly gets muddy in wet weather or suffers from scorching in sunny weather. In that case, an artificial lawn is an ideal solution. We know from some of our customers in the Sutton Coldfield area that localised flooding is a common problem. If you’ve spent time and effort tending to your garden and lawn, it is devastating when the weather causes problems. Sutton Coldfield is ideally placed for fabulous weather in summer but flooding in spring (which is becoming more and more common). As a result, the quality of your lawn can quickly deteriorate. An artificial lawn is a great solution. The integrated drainage system will also help maintain the rest of your garden and plants. With Ecograss, your garden can look fantastic with minimal effort! Ecograss is a family-run company. We have been operating in the Sutton Coldfield area for many years with loyal customers. Take a look at the images below, which demonstrate a garden transformation we recently provided to one of our valued Sutton Coldfield customers. This customer continually struggled in summer due to scorched grass, which often followed localised flooding in the spring months. When they contacted us, this was the picture they sent (below). They asked us to work our magic, and we obliged! The Results… The team of lawn installation experts here at Ecograss sprang into action and contacted the customer to arrange a visit and take measurements. Our expert…

All Weather Artificial Grass
24 Feb

Artificial Grass is a Winner – Whatever the Weather!

Artificial Grass is a Winner – Whatever the Weather! Artificial grass is a hardy beast, but you may have concerns about the changeable and unpredictable nature of the weather here in the UK. It might surprise you to learn that an artificial lawn is generally much easier to manage regardless of the weather conditions or temperature. Artificial grass is hay fever friendly in the summer months and UV stabilised. In contrast, an artificial lawn will tolerate far more extreme weather conditions than the natural alternative when the inevitable cold weather and storms arrive. Artificial grass is an all-around winner!  Whether the weather is wet or dry, Ecograss will help! We will alleviate the worst of your weather worries.  If My Garden is Susceptible to Flooding, Will an Artificial Lawn Help? On average, one square meter of an artificial lawn will drain around 50 litres of water per minute. Even in the UK’s heaviest rain – this is more than substantial. Your location will determine the options available, and we will go through everything with you during the planning and installation phase. Rainwater simply syphons away when we install an artificial lawn. All Ecograss artificial lawns are installed with drainage in mind with a sub-layer of porous sand/limestone or both. We fit artificial grass by first levelling the base and we also remove any debris. This results in a sustainable and beautiful artificial lawn that lasts for years to come. A more extensive drainage system may be required in more extreme circumstances, but these situations are uncommon. We will always ensure the best outcome with minimum fuss and outlay. How Will My Artificial Lawn Fair in Snow and Icy Conditions? If your artificial lawn becomes frozen, like any grass or surface, it may become slippery so take care! Remove as much…

Artficial garden and plants
24 Jan

Planning Your Perfect Artificial Garden

Do you love being out in your garden but don’t have the time or hate the maintenance? Having an artificial garden, plants, and all could be your saving grace! You can significantly reduce the need for weeding, no need for pruning, and leave it to the UK’s weather to do the watering! Your garden will always look great no matter how busy your life gets. Below are some ideas when planning your perfect artificial garden. Make a plan Before you go all guns blazing buying artificial plants and lawn, you need to have a plan. Draw out your garden on paper, keeping it roughly to scale. This helps you know how many plants to get and where you want them. Also, keep in mind existing trees or plants you may want to keep. Patio areas Patio areas are the perfect place for potted plants. It makes the area warm, inviting and visually pleasing when entertaining. Do you find yourself not having the time to pot your favourite plants for the right season? Or do you feel a need to change the colour scheme or choice in plants after a while? With artificial plants, you can buy them ready-made in pots or purchase artificial potted plants and create your own. You’ll soon have a patio area flooded with non-stop colour. Think about your borders The best part about having artificial plants in your garden and along your borders is giving a natural look. You’ll be surprised at how many people will be shocked that your plants are artificial instead of the real deal; they’re that good!You can buy your artificial plants in the sizes you need or want them in, and when planted into your soil, you won’t need to worry about how far apart you plant them as they won’t…

Why you should Transform this New Year
08 Jan

Why you should Transform Your Garden this New Year

January is the month of preparing and planning targets and new years resolutions. Maybe you have new year’s resolutions to eat healthier, lose weight, or quit smoking. Or perhaps your resolutions are to do with your home and gardens this year. Read our article below as to why you should transform your garden this new year with an artificial lawn. Low Maintenance Artificial lawns are incredibly low maintenance. There’s no need for weeding or mowing, and it doesn’t take long to keep an artificial lawn in its top condition.With artificial lawn being such low maintenance, not only does it allow more time to spend enjoying your garden rather than maintaining it, but it will also allow you to spend more time with family and friends. Reduces Stress Natural grass in colder months can look extremely dreary. When you have natural grass to maintain, you must keep in mind the seasons, the weather, and when best to do the weeding and mowing. Artificial lawn looks lush all year round, with the point of low maintenance; you won’t need to worry about its upkeep and therefore reduces the need and stress of you having to do anything. Value to your property and Accessibility An artificial lawn can be a wise investment if you’re looking to add value to your property. As it looks great all year round and requires little work doing to it, it can be a great selling point. Having an artificial lawn that won’t mind the heavy footfall of children playing. You won’t have muddy footprints running into your home, nor will you need to worry about having to wash your children’s clothes that are wet, muddy, and covered in grass stains. Get in contact with our Ecograss team to get a quote on how much an artificial lawn…

Artficial garden and plants
24 Dec

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

We’ve had a great year installing and landscaping your gardens with our artificial lawns and would like to thank you all for being a part of it. To all of our customers, old and new, the team at Ecograss would like to wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to working with more new customers in the new year and are excited to see your ideas for your gardens, balconies, and more. If you would like to get a free quote from us to come and install artificial grass in your garden in the new year, get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help!

spruce up your balcony
08 Dec

Spruce up your balcony

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, we were only allowed outside for essentials and exercise. Many people flocked to their local parks or gardens to get their fill of fresh air. Many people living in flats or apartments didn’t have a garden area to tend to or relax in, making them feel more isolated than most. If you were in this situation and you now want to spruce up your balcony area and make it your haven, we have some ideas you can do to create your garden getaway. Artificial grass Artificial grass can be made to fit any area. There’s no mowing, weeding, raking, or trimming to be done, so it’s the perfect option for a small area, low maintenance, green space such as your balcony. Maybe you only want it under a small seating area so it’s cushiony underfoot, or around the edge of your balcony for your potted plants. You could even have half and half; half of your balcony concrete, the other artificial grass, giving you the best of both worlds. With artificial grass being so versatile, you can be as creative as you like! Not just floor space With such a limited floor space on a balcony, you need to use the area around you. Add shelving to your balcony walls for your potted plants or outdoor trinkets. Use hanging rail planters! They come in many different shapes, styles, and colors, so you’re bound to find some that will suit your wants and needs. Use your balcony ceiling! You can screw some eye hooks into your balcony ceiling, and with some metal rods, you can create a cascade of terracotta pots, and the best part is when you water them from the top, you’re saving water as it will drain down to the ones below. Depending…

Artficial garden and plants-Ecograss
24 Nov

Artificial Grass Vs Real Grass – Which Suits You?

Artificial grass vs Real grass – which suits you? It’s a great question. Are you looking for a beautifully green, natural-looking garden with the help of artificial grass? Do you have a natural lawn and thinking of changing to artificial? Both natural and artificial grass have their benefits and disadvantages. If you’re wondering whether artificial grass may be the right choice for you and your garden, or you already have a natural lawn and wonder whether you should keep it as it is, here are the pros and cons of each option that you should consider. Real Grass Some might say natural lawns are high maintenance and as you get older, you don’t want to necessarily deal with its upkeep, unless you’re an avid gardener. Others love the smell of freshly cut grass and wouldn’t dream of having artificial grass to replace it. Natural grass has its benefits, but it’s not without its disadvantages. Having a natural lawn The smell of freshly cut grass If you love being out in the garden, pottering about, a well-maintained lawn looks lush. It’s cheaper than artificial grass to install. Disadvantages of a natural lawn It can be high maintenance and hard to keep on top of when it comes to weeding, and raking the leaves. It can get quite muddy and messy. If you have any drainage issues in your garden you may find water pooling in certain areas that take time to resolve. After heavy rainfall, puddling can be an issue and can stay wet for days. Having pets that love to dig, or go to the toilet on your grass can cause damage. Fertiliser can be your friend when maintaing the lush green grass. If you suffer from hayfever, natural grass may not be your friend. Artificial Grass Now, let’s see…

how to care for your artificial grass in winter
08 Nov

Caring For Your Artificial Grass in the Winter

Caring for your artificial grass in winter shouldn’t be difficult and with our tips, it won’t be. With the nights beginning to draw in and frosty mornings on the way, winter can be a quiet time for your garden. You might be worried about how the cold weather might affect your artificial grass in winter. We can help you with some tips on caring for your artificial grass in winter months. Artificial lawns are actually quite simple and easy to maintain all year round. In wet weather conditions, the blades of grass might freeze when the temperature drops, just like natural grass. Here are some things you can do to maintain your grass in the winter. Frost and snow Artificial grass is resilient. Tolerating more extreme weather conditions. The blades of grass will stiffen in those frosty mornings, much like their natural counterpart so you don’t have to do anything, you can simply let the ice and snowmelt drain away. When you have a lovely coating of fresh snow on your lawn be careful not to let it build up too much. When the snow compacts underfoot as the day or night goes on and the temperature drops it will turn to ice, which can potentially break the grass fibers.Using salt to melt the snow can also cause drainage issues in your artificial grass as the drainage holes could get clogged and make it harder to remove all the moisture. When you’re removing snow from your artificial lawn, use a plastic shovel, as metal shovels can cause damage to the grass. If your artificial grass looks a little flat after the snow has gone, simply give it a brush and it will give it a little helping hand to bounce back to normal. Regular maintenance Artificial grass is surprisingly low…

artificial grass nottingham
24 Oct

Can you use Artificial Grass for Play Areas?

If you’ve got children, you’re probably wondering if you can use Artificial grass for play areas? Artificial grass from Ecograss is one of the safest options for underfoot play. Despite the amount of crawling and running it’ll endure, the artificial grass stays pristine. Many schools and playing fields now have artificial grass installed. Kicking around footballs and playing tag on the playground, our artificial grass will keep your children happy and safe all day long. Play Equipment Have you got a new swing set you want to add to the children’s play area? Artificial grass is extremely durable and can withstand the weight of any climbing frame or swing set, and don’t worry they won’t sink into the artificial lawn. Rainy conditions Where there’s rain and natural lawn, there’s mud. This can now be a thing of the past, no more muddy clothing for the children to take home for washing, no more muddy footprints leading into the house. With our absorbent artificial grass that comes with plenty of drainage holes, you won’t need to worry about your children having outdoor fun. Schools, nurseries, and community parks If you’re looking to purchase artificial grass for play areas, local schools,s or nurseries, you’ve come to the right place. If you still want the natural look of a lawn but without the mud, and without the potential of injuries on hard surfaces, artificial grass should be your go-to option for the playground, or park play area. Artificial grass is the future of play!

artificial grass nottingham
07 Oct

How to Maintain Your Artificial Lawn-Ecograss

Artificial lawns are very low maintenance; however, as with everything, there are things about how to maintain your artificial lawn.  Keep the lawn clean Although they won’t harm the lawn, leaves, and twigs will inevitably fall onto the grass. If neglected, this may lead to unwanted weed growth. It is best to remove these with a stiff broom, plastic rake, blower – or even a hoover! Yes, you read that right, a hoover! Brush the pile Every month or two, we recommend a good brush up of the pile to keep the fibers upright. Sunlight/heat do lift the pile naturally; however, in areas with a lot of foot traffic, it’s always best to brush the fibres back up to help prevent flattening. Weedkiller Some stubborn weeds may find their way through the artificial lawn, and some airborne seeds can settle on the surface. We recommend removing any weeds that surface and spraying weed killer once or twice a year to help prevent any weeds from popping up through the drainage holes around the edges of the lawn. Also, to help avoid any moss growth. Make sure to use a water-based weed killer, and it’s highly recommended you do a patch test on an off-cut first. Pet owners Pet owners love our lawns as they are easily maintained! You should make sure that all mess is removed from the surface, and if needed, you can hose the area down or use warm water to rinse away any residue. A mild detergent, such as diluted Zoflora, can be used to keep the lawn smelling nice and fresh. You can also purchase pet odor removers (for more information on which ones we suggest, contact us here). Things to avoid It is important to remember that any naked flame such as a BBQ, bonfire/fireworks,…

artificial grass nottingham
24 Sep

Is artificial grass suitable for pets?

Are you thinking of getting artificial grass but don’t know whether artificial grass is suitable for pets?There are many reasons why having an artificial lawn when you have some four-legged friends in your household, as it’s generally safer than natural lawns, making it a pet-friendly favorite. Here is the answer to your question Is artificial grass suitable for pets? Artificial grass is safer than a natural lawn Pets and artificial grass work well together. There are no weeds that they can chew, no mushrooms or toadstools that they can forage out and eat, and it’s safe for them to walk on without the risk of getting anything stuck in their paws. Artificial grass is washable We don’t mean you can throw it in the washing machine, of course! But you can hose it down, especially if your dog uses the lawn as its toilet. The artificial grass doesn’t stain like natural grass due to the dog’s urine, so you won’t get any horrible brown patches on your lawn. Artificial grass is highly durable If you have a puppy or remember your dog being a puppy, you will know they tend to pull up the grass or dig their way to another part of the country. Artificial grass is highly durable and, therefore, will withstand those puppy digging stages. If rabbits are your pet of choice, you might be worried about their vegetarian diet and your grass becoming a victim, we recommend keeping an eye out but you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Our artificial grass can withstand any pet test. If you have any further questions about our artificial grass, our team will be happy to answer them and find the perfect artificial grass for your garden or outdoor area. 

Artificial Grass Nottingham, Coventry
07 Sep

Five Interesting Facts You Should Know About Artificial Grass

Are you wondering whether to have artificial grass in your garden but need to know more before making the final decision? We’ve put together a list of five interesting facts you should know about artificial grass that might help you make that final decision. A quarter of UK gardens now use artificial grass Artificial grass has over recent years become the new garden trend as it’s low maintenance and looks good all year round, however, it’s been around for a very long time! If you suffer from hayfever affected by grass, artificial grass might be your new friend, we can’t help with your neighbor’s garden and their freshly cut lawn but your garden can be your sanctuary. Unless you’re a keen gardener, many people working full time, simply don’t have time to tend to their gardens or lawns and so this is their next best option. Many gardens in the UK now have paving, decking, gravel, and artificial grass as a feature, due to needing more of a low-maintenance garden to keep on top of. Environment friendly Whilst being made of plastic, artificial grass is not as bad as what it’s made out to be. Artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered as a natural lawn does, preserving water.There’s no need to store pesticides or weedkillers for your grass as artificial grass doesn’t need them, and you’re saving electricity and reducing fuel consumption by not using electric or petrol lawnmowers. Our artificial lawns last for up to 20 years and aren’t single-use plastic, one of the main problems we now face for our environment. Artificial grass is nothing new Artificial grass has been around for years; it’s not a new thing! It was initially used in a sports capacity but has now become a common favorite in residential homes as…