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Artificial grass Vs Harsh Winter Weather

Can artificial grass withstand the winter weather?

With recent weather events, including severe and prolonged gusts of wind and deluges of biblical proportions, you’d be forgiven for wondering if your lovely artificial grass will withstand the winter weather and make it through the impending winter months unscathed, ready for use in the spring and summer of 2023.

The good news is that, of course, you have nothing to worry about if you chose to have your artificial grass installed by the experts at Ecograss.

The husband-and-wife team behind Ecograss have been supplying and installing artificial grass since 2009 when they started their journey in beautiful Cyprus. Relocating back to the UK in 2012, they filled a gap in the market, completing thousands of artificial installations for both domestic and commercial customers – in all weathers from Nottingham to Leicester and beyond.

So, they know something about artificial grass and how it can easily survive climates from Cyprus to Coventry!

There’s a story of artificial grass surviving a hurricane in Miami, Florida when everything else was flattened and damaged beyond repair, we kid you not. Admittedly, the installers did bear in mind that Miami is often struck by fierce tropical storms – we’re unlikely to be subjected to such forces in the UK – and prepared the ground (if you’ll pardon the pun) accordingly. If you’d like to read the blog post about the Florida hurricane and the artificial grass installation, here’s the link to the blog post (just so you know, this opens a link to an external website which is not the responsibility of Ecograss)

Ecograss also factor in any environmental factors (such as gradients, proximity to other hazards etc) when they’re planning your artificial grass and garden installation. Aside from location, potential hazards and weather-related events, it might be that there’s a special need because of pets, children or maybe people with mobility issues that require the use of a wheelchair, for example.

Whatever the situation or need, the experts at Ecograss will take care of it, but let’s get back to the original question, can artificial turf survive a harsh British winter?

Admittedly, our winters are nowhere near as harsh as they used to be but there will be exceptions to the rule – ‘Beast from the East’ anyone? That was cold – temperatures dropped to -11 in some places with widespread heavy snow.

And guess what? The artificial grass installations supplied by Ecograss survived with minimal maintenance. By minimal, we mean maybe occasional brushing of snow if you really must but there’s no danger of blades snapping off if they freeze, unlike natural grass.

So, if you want an (almost) indestructible, weather-proof artificial grass installation for your home, nursery or business why not talk to the experts at Ecograss first? Rain or shine, hot or cold, wet or dry, from Cyprus to Coventry, they’ve laid these lovely maintenance-free carpets.

And, once they’re down, they stay down, whatever the British weather can throw at them, even the harshest winter, leaving you free of worry to enjoy your garden all year round. Why not contact us and get your garden ready for the winter, spring, summer or autumn?

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