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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely- dogs love it. In fact, most of our installations have been for dog owners! It can be easily cleaned and hosed down if needed. We recommend cleaning with warm, soapy water or diluted zoflora, especially if there have been dry spells.

Our artificial grass comes with a pre-punched backing which allows for drainage. We also install this onto a sub-base of crushed stone and granite dust, levelling and compacting this in order to create a firm and permeable base ready for installation. The water/rain drains as a natural lawn would- if not better! This is especially beneficial if you have clay soil or poor drainage.

Initially it may seem a big outlay however being a long term investment, it is cheaper in the long run than a natural lawn. The average 40sqm lawn will cost around £1800.00 which divided over a typical lifespan of 15 years works out to just £120.00 a year! Many people pay £20 a fortnight to have their lawn cut/maintained- this is £480.00 per year.  Therefore, the elimination of mowing, watering, fertilisers and regular lawn replacement can definitely save you money in the long run- Not to mention the cleaning costs of muddy carpets and clothing…

The average installation ranges from £35-£65/m2 fitted including all labour, materials and VAT. This will depend on groundwork required, product chosen and size of the area. Contact us for an accurate quotation.

Our artificial grass is fully UV stabilised and tested against fading and is also covered with a guarantee of 10 years. We have installed 1000’s of square metres of artificial lawn across England and in Cyprus where the sun shines strongly and temperatures reach over 40 degrees- yet this has not had any effect on our grass.

Being artificial grass specialists, we offer a full supply & installation service. For this, our price will include hiring and organising a skip if required, removal of existing turf/patio, preparation of sub-base and artificial grass installation including specialist adhesives, seaming tape and pins. The price we agree is the price you will pay! No hidden extras.

The average installation can be completed within 1-2 days. Larger installations from 3-7 days. We will let you know an exact timescale when quoting.

Artificial lawns are very low maintenance however as with everything, there are things you can do to keep it in top shape.

Keep the lawn clean

Although they wont harm the lawn, leaves and twigs may fall onto the grass. If neglected, this may lead to unwanted weed growth. It is best to remove these with a stiff broom, plastic rake, blower- or even a hoover!Brush the pile

Every month or two, we’d recommend a good brush up of the pile to keep thefibres upright! Sunlight/heat do lift the pile naturally however in areas where there is a lot of footfall, its always best to brush the fibres back up to help prevent flattening

Weed killer

Some stubborn weeds may find their way through and airborne seeds can settle on top of the surface. We recommend removing any weeds that surface and spraying a weed killer once or twice a year to help prevent any weeds popping up through the drainage holes around the edges. Also to help prevent any moss growth. (please note that this must be a water based weed killer and we recommend doing a test patch on an offcut first).

Pet owners

Pet owners love our lawns as they are easily maintained! You should ensure that all mess is removed from the surface and if needed, you can hose the area down or use warm water to rinse away any residue. A mild detergent can be used such as diluted Zoflora to keep the lawn smelling nice and fresh. Pet odour removers can also be purchased. (Please contact us for more information on this )

Things to avoid

It is important to remember that any naked flame such as a BBQ, bonfire/fireworks or smoking can cause irreversible damage to your lawn therefore should be avoided on or near your lawn. Garden mirrors should not be placed near the lawn as these can also cause the fibres to melt if the sunlight is reflected off the mirror and on to the lawn.