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Caring For Your Artificial Grass in the Winter

Caring for your artificial grass in winter shouldn’t be difficult and with our tips, it won’t be. learn how to care for artificial grass with the UKs number one artificial grass company Ecograss!

With the nights beginning to draw in and frosty mornings on the way, winter can be a quiet time for your garden. You might be worried about how the cold weather might affect your artificial grass in winter.

We can help you with some tips on caring for your artificial grass in winter months. Artificial lawns are actually quite simple and easy to maintain all year round. In wet weather conditions, the blades of grass might freeze when the temperature drops, just like natural grass.

Here are some things you can do to maintain your grass in the winter.

Frost and snow

Artificial grass is resilient. Tolerating more extreme weather conditions. The blades of grass will stiffen in those frosty mornings, much like their natural counterpart so you don’t have to do anything, you can simply let the ice and snow melt & drain away.

When you have a lovely coating of fresh snow on your lawn be careful not to let it build up too much. When the snow compacts underfoot as the day or night goes on and the temperature drops it will turn to ice, which can potentially break the grass fibers.
Using salt to melt the snow can also cause drainage issues in your artificial grass as the drainage holes could get clogged and make it harder to remove all the moisture.

When you’re removing snow from your artificial lawn, use a plastic shovel, as metal shovels can cause damage to the grass. If your artificial grass looks a little flat after the snow has gone, simply give it a brush and it will give it a little helping hand to bounce back to normal.

Regular maintenance

Artificial grass is surprisingly low maintenance, however, regular basic maintenance throughout the year can help keep your artificial grass looking great. Keep on top of leaves or debris as if left unchecked, they can block the drainage holes causing puddles on the surface of your artificial lawn.
A good brush or even a blower will remove the leaves or debris and solve this problem.

Now you shoudl be ready and know how to care for artificial grass

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