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How To Keep Artificial Grass Looking New

More and more people are choosing artificial grass for their spaces which includes terraces, lawns, or interior areas. This green carpet that resembles natural grass has the advantage that it requires minimal maintenance. However, over time it can get dirty and accumulate residue. For this reason, in this article, we will let you know what care you should take with artificial grass and some tips to keep it in good condition.

Artificial grass lawn


1. Periodic Maintenance


To keep the artificial grass clean, it is advisable to sweep it from time to time with a hard broom in the style used by street sweepers. It should brush against the direction of the fibres. If the installation is on silica sand, remember to maintain a uniform base if you perceive cracks or need to make repairs, distribute the sand again.


Watering grassAnother great recommendation is to water it once a month or every two months to keep it clean and lower the temperature. In the case of natural grass, moisture is deposited in the sand and maintains the freshness of natural grass, although it is not recommended to water synthetic grass when temperatures are very low because frost can wear down the latex base.

Sand base:

It is also important to reposition the sand base, with which the wind and traffic can accumulate at specific points. You have to redistribute it evenly, fill in the gaps, and replace it if the quantity decreases. This is important as the silica sand keeps the grass upright, settles the installation into the ground, and reduces static charge.

Weeds and fungi:

For cases where it is placed on a natural surface, it is recommended to apply a herbicide. And avoid excess moisture that can lead to the appearance of fungi. In case this happens, control than with fungicide.

2. Common stains and how to clean them

Another important aspect that helps in the maintenance of artificial grass is the cleaning of the stains. On-time since in this way be easier to remove them and restore the good appearance of the grass.

Some common stains appear due to dry leaves that are not swept away in due time and that, due to the action of the sun, leave traces on the lawn. They tend to accumulate during the fall and winter and hence should be ranked without damaging the lawn. Another good option is to moisten it before collecting it.

To make it secure from dust and small insects, it is enough to hose it down with water and a brush. In the case of pet excrement, it is recommended to use pressurised water and soap.

For food or soda stains, soap and water also work great. However, for difficult stains, in extreme cases, you can use a solution of water with 3% ammonia and rinse with clean water. The use of chemical products without lowering them in water is not recommended.



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