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How to Maintain Your Artificial Lawn-Ecograss

Artificial lawns are very low maintenance; however, as with everything, there are things about how to maintain your artificial lawn. So let Ecograss tell you just how to maintain artificial grass

Keep the lawn clean

Although they won’t harm the lawn, leaves, and twigs will inevitably fall onto the grass. If neglected, this may lead to unwanted weed growth. It is best to remove these with a stiff broom, plastic rake, blower – or even a hoover! Yes, you read that right, a hoover!

Brush the pile

Every month or two, we recommend a good brush up of the pile to keep the fibers upright. Sunlight/heat do lift the pile naturally; however, in areas with a lot of foot traffic, it’s always best to brush the fibres back up to help prevent flattening.


Some stubborn weeds may find their way through the artificial lawn, and some airborne seeds can settle on the surface. We recommend removing any weeds that surface and spraying weed killer once or twice a year to help prevent any weeds from popping up through the drainage holes around the edges of the lawn. Also, to help avoid any moss growth. Make sure to use a water-based weed killer, and it’s highly recommended you do a patch test on an off-cut first.

Pet owners

Pet owners love our lawns as they are easily maintained! You should make sure that all mess is removed from the surface, and if needed, you can hose the area down or use warm water to rinse away any residue. A mild detergent, such as diluted Zoflora, can be used to keep the lawn smelling nice and fresh. You can also purchase pet odor removers (for more information on which ones we suggest, contact us here).

Things to avoid

It is important to remember that any naked flame such as a BBQ, bonfire/fireworks, or smoking can cause irreversible damage to your lawn; therefore should be avoided on or near your artificial lawn. Garden mirrors should also not be placed near the lawn as these can also cause the fibers to melt if the sunlight is reflected off the mirror and onto the lawn. These are some things you should know about how to maintain your artificial lawn. 

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