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Artficial garden and plants

Planning Your Perfect Artificial Garden

Do you love being out in your garden but don’t have the time or hate the maintenance? Having an artificial garden, plants, and all could be your saving grace! You can significantly reduce the need for weeding, no need for pruning, and leave it to the UK’s weather to do the watering! Your garden will always look great no matter how busy your life gets. Below are some ideas when planning your perfect artificial garden.

Make a plan

Before you go all guns blazing buying artificial plants and lawns, you need to have a plan. Draw out your garden on paper, keeping it roughly to scale. This helps you know how many plants to get and where you want them. Also, keep in mind existing trees or plants you may want to keep.

Patio areas

Patio areas are the perfect place for potted plants. It makes the area warm, inviting and visually pleasing when entertaining. Do you find yourself not having the time to pot your favourite plants for the right season? Or do you feel a need to change the colour scheme or choice of plants after a while? With artificial plants, you can buy them ready-made in pots or purchase artificial potted plants and create your own. You’ll soon have a patio area flooded with non-stop colour.

Think about your borders

The best part about having artificial plants in your garden and along your borders is giving a natural look. You’ll be surprised at how many people will be shocked that your plants are artificial instead of the real deal; they’re that good!
You can buy your artificial plants in the sizes you need or want them in, and when planted into your soil, you won’t need to worry about how far apart you plant them as they won’t need growing space! The closer you plant them in your borders, your garden will look more established.

A need for privacy?

Not only can it bring structure to your garden, or hide a dreary fence, but using artificial hedging can bring instant privacy. And the best part? No pruning! No longer will you need to spend an afternoon shaping and pruning your hedging to look presentable; it’s already in shape and ready to go.

The grass is always greener.

When it comes to planning your perfect artificial garden, artificial lawns are growing in popularity. They look lush all year round. There’s no mowing, no muddy footprints or paw prints being led into the house, and for most people, it suits their busy lives as it requires such low maintenance. It’s growing to be a firm favourite amongst households.

You can request a sample of our artificial lawn and get a free quote when you send us your measurements and any pictures of your garden space. For every artificial lawn installation we do, we donate to have a tree planted towards offsetting our carbon footprint. Get in touch with us and see how we can bring your artificial garden to life with our artificial lawns.

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