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Spring Garden ideas

Spring Garden Tips – Top 10 Spring Garden Ideas

1. Your Lawn

Let’s start with your lawn (of course)! If you already have an artificial lawn, give it a good clean with soapy water, a firm bristled brush and then rinse with a hosepipe. If you have a natural lawn, give it a mow (if needed) and trim the edges. You should also think about putting lawn feed down for any patchy areas. If you have lots of patchy areas, now might be the time to consider getting a free quotation for an artificial lawn.

Spring Garden Tips

2. Spring Cleaning

Clean out and wash your greenhouse. Think of it in the same way that you would a general spring clean inside your home. Clean up flower beds ready for planting and remove and replace any protective mulch ready for your spring daffodils, snowdrops and other perennials.

3. Furniture & Ornaments

Bring out your garden furniture and any ornaments and give them a clean too. Also consider waterproof coverings for furniture. We all know how unpredictable the British weather is!

4. Pruning

Pruning Tips - Ecograss - Copyright Brian CooperPrune trees and shrubs. This helps younger plants to establish a good shape. Remove damaged or diseased wood, as well as any branches that cross each other and chaff. This also concentrates the plant’s energy and the invigorating boost of sunlight that comes with the spring season in the right areas.

5. Spring Garden Tips for Planting

Top 10 Garden TipsPlant nectar rich plants for bees and butterflies. Watching them busy at work pollinating the garden is a thrilling site. Of course, they are also critical in enabling plants to reproduce and critical to the entire environmental infrastructure.

6. Water Collection

It’s a great idea to install water buts to collect rain water. This way, you are effectively recycling water, saving the environment and your water bill at the same time!

7. Spring Planting Tips

Grow veggies and flowers in tandem. Sweet peas and runner beans work really well together; as do marigolds and tomatoes. Your garden will look amazing and due to bees pollinating the flowers (the flowers on the veggies too), your crop will be better in every way.

8. Watch all the spring gardening shows on television for new ideas, tips and tricks!

Forest of Dean Daffodils - Copyright Brian CooperOnce a glimmer of warmer weather is on the way, shows such as Countryfile and Spring watch can provide lots of great spring gardening tips. Be sure to tune in or record, and make notes of ideas that could apply to your garden. As always, the internet is littered with advice and ideas too. Gardener’s World is always a firm favorite!

9. Add bird feeders

Choosing a number of bird feeders for different types of birdseed is a good idea. Make sure that any new bird feeders are visible and include appropriate seed types for the type of bird that you are trying to attract (ornithology as it’s officially known) in your local area is important! Also remember to keep the feeding trays free of any ice or snow (we have all now come to expect a spring cold snap at some point before summer kicks in properly!)

10. Keep your garden looking fresh throughout spring and summer by regularly deadheading spent blooms

As plant and flower heads become discolored and die, pinch or cut off the flower stem just below the spent flower and just above the next set of healthy leaves. This will keep your flowers regenerating for longer and make a much nicer looking display.

Hopefully, we have given you enough spring garden tips to get your garden in tip top condition and ready for what we hope will be a long, hot summer! And if your lawn is the one part of your garden that is letting it down, take some time to browse through our website and consider a low maintenance artificial lawn that will look great all year round!



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